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Tuesday 15 March 2011
Shale Gas: An Energy Bonanza for the UK or the Breath of Beezlebub?
Professor Richard Selley (Emeritus Professor of Petroleum Geology, Department of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College) and Professor Mike Stephenson (Head of Science, Energy Geoscience, British Geological Survey)

Tuesday 17 May 2011
Libya’s Oil – Past, Present and Future
Professor Richard Moody (Emeritus Professor of Geology, Kingston University London) and
Dr Danny Clark-Lowes MA Cantab (Principal Consultant Nubian Consulting)

Tuesday 14 June 2011
Exploiting Unconventional Gas
Speakers included Mike Stephenson (Head of Energy, British Geological Survey), Mark Miller (Chief Executive, Cuadrilla Resources), Adrian Needham (Principal, Golders) and Kerry Thomas (Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network)
(Meeting at the Energy Institute in conjunction with British Geological Survey, The Energy Institute and the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology)

Monday 18 July 2011
AGM 3.30-3.45pm, Interview Room 2, Portcullis House

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