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Meetings held in 2008

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Tuesday 22 January 2008 (Joint meeting)
Tunnelling into the Future—Recent research and new techniques
Professor Robert Mair FREng FRS
Joint meeting with All-Party Parliamentary Group for Earth Sciences and Associate Parliamentary Engineering Group
Tuesday 11 March 2008
Growing Energy—Biofuels and sustainable forestry
Matthew Carse (Managing Director, Prenergy Power)
Tuesday 17 June 2008 (Joint meeting)
Clean Coal Technologies– 'Coal—its future is underground?'
Dr Nick Riley MBE, C. Geol, Head of Science Policy Europe, British Geological Survey
(Natural Environment Research Council)
Kamel Bennaceur, International Energy Agency, Paris
Joint meeting with All-Party Parliamentary Group for Earth Sciences
(Chairman: The Rt. Hon. Kevin Barron MP) and All-Party Parliamentary Coalfields Community Group (Chairman: David Hamilton MP)
Tuesday 14  October 2008
Squeezing the Barrel— Improved Recovery of Petroleum Oil and Gas Fields
Professor Jon Gluyas
(Head of Geoscience Fairfield Energy & Director, Centre for Research on Earth Energy Systems, University of Durham)
Tuesday 9 December 2009
Written in the rocks: Climate change, government and the oil industry
Dr Bryan Lovell, OBE, CgeolF
(Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences, Cambridge University)
Followed by Reception

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