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Meetings held in 2007

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Monday 10 December 2007
Minerals Geoscience—Myths and Reality
Dr Chris J Carlon (Head of Geosciences and Strategy, Anglo American plc)

Tuesday 19 June 2007
Wave and tidal power
Mike Hay (Head of Offshore Renewables, British Wind Energy Association)
John Griffiths (European Marine Energy Centre)
Amaan Lafayette (Marine Development Manger, E.ON UK)

Tuesday 20 March 2007
Blood diamonds v Ethical sourcing—who's winning?
Andrew Bone (Head of Government Relations for the De Beers Group)
Ben Stride (Manager, Government Diamond Office of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
Jason Holt of R Holt Co Ltd (Hatton Garden Jewellers)

Tuesday 23 January 2007
Earth Sciences Group—the future programme
Meeting for MPs and Peers


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