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Monday 13 December
The Geology of Beer
Dr Jenny Huggett (Petroclays)
Tuesday 16 November
Rubies and sapphires: Benefiting the local communities?
Dr David Hargreaves (Chairman, Chimwadzulu Mine, Malawi
Tuesday 19 October
Meeting in conjunction with the Earth Science Education Forum for England and Wales (ESEF(EW)) 1st Annual Conference
Improving the Effectiveness of Education Resources for Earth Science and Industry
Tuesday 13 July
Pile it high or dig it deep - time to deal with radioactive waste disposal
Introduction by Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP
Presentations Claes Thegerstrom (President SKB, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company)
Chris Murray (Managing Director, United Kingdom Nirex Limited)
Tuesday 15 June
Building on bodies - using urban geology to protect our archaeological heritage
Professor Robert Allison, Professor Antony Long and Dr Toru Higuchi (University of Durham) and Dr Jane Sidell (University College London)
Tuesday 8 June
Tuesday 18 May
Earth Science Education - New initiatives
Professor Allan Rogers (Chair, Earth Science Education Forum for England and Wales)
Chris King (Director, Earth Science Education Unit, Keele University)
Jenny Baker (Project Leader, Science Learning Centres, DfES)
Peter Finegold (Project Leader, Science Learning Centres, Wellcome Trust)
Tuesday 16 March
Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund - What has been achieved
Professor Gordon Riddler (Operations Director) and Stephen M Forster (Development Director) Minerals Industry Research Organisation (MIRO)
Tuesday 10 February
UK earthquakes: 2002 Manchester - 2004 your constituency
Dr Roger Musson (British Geological Survey)
Professor Ernest Rutter (Manchester University)
Tuesday 20 January
Coping with Climate Change - who is responsible?
Dr Bryan Lovell OBE (Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge)

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