Meetings held in 2002

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Date Meeting
Tuesday 17 December Geology and wine
Professor Dick Selley (Imperial College, London)
Tuesday 19 November Earth Science and Education—Their importance to our society and our future
Dr David Falvey (Director, British Geological Survey)
Chris King (Earth Sciences Teachers' Association and Director Earth Sciences Education Unit)
Professor Allan Rogers FGS (Chairman, Earth Sciences Education Forum (England and Wales)
Tuesday 29 October Water wars or hydro-peace? The global politics of water shortage
Professor Tony Allan (SOAS and King's College, London
Andrew McKenzie (British Geological Survey)
Tuesday 9 July Soil protection—land use, environmental quality and local communities
Dick Thompson (National Soil Resources Institute, Cranfield University)
Rob Jarman (Manager, Sustainable Development, National Trust)
Tuesday 11 June Shaking all over—earthquakes in the UK and abroad
Alice Walker (UK Seismic Monitoring and Information Service, BGS)
Robin Spence (Structural Engineer, University of Cambridge)
Tuesday 14 May The development of natural resources - a blessing or curse?
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (Shell)
Tuesday 16 April Sinking cities—London, Newcastle, Glasgow?
Professor Martin Culshaw (British Geological Survey)
Professor John Burkand (Imperial College, London)
Nigel Press (NPA Satellite Mapping & Exploration)
Tuesday 12 March Finding the silent witness—how forensic geology helps solve crimes
Dr Laurence Donnelly (International Mining Consultants (IMC) and BGS)
Professor John Hunter (Forensic Search Advisory Group (FSAG))
Barrie Simpson (former Head of Murder Squad, West Midlands Police)
Tuesday 12 February A decent burial—site selection and environmental consequences of organic disposal
Poul Strange and Julian Trick (British Geological Survey)
Geoff Bateman and Ruth Jones (Environment Agency)
Tuesday 22 January Gaining a resource or losing a beach—marine aggregates and sandbank dredging
Alan Brampton (HR Wallingford Limited)
Ceri James (British Geological Survey)
Ian Selby (Hanson Aggregates Marine Limited)