Meetings held in 2001

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Date Meeting
Tuesday 21 November Can Britain's industry survive if strategic commodity supplies are threatened by war?
Dr Mike Petterson and Dr Greg Chapman (British Geological Survey)
Tuesday 13 November Radon - the silent killer
Gerry Kendall (NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board)
Andy Macpherson (DEFRA - Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
Chris Scrivyer (BRE - The Buildings Research Establishment)
Dr Don Appleton (BGS - British Geological Survey)
Tuesday 23 October Out of sight and out of mind—Landfill sites and waste disposal
Professor Jeremy Joseph (JBJ - Environment)
Dr Sue Cullum (formerly RMC)
Jonathan Smith (National Groundwater and Contaminated Land Centre, Environment Agency
General Election June 2001 Further meetings that had been planned, had to be rearranged because of the General Election. Professor Allan Rogers FGS accepted an invitation to continue with the group as its Professional Adviser after the General Election. The following were elected as Officers of the Group at a meeting on 26 June:
Chair Jane Griffiths MP
Vice Chair Rt Hon Gillian Shephard MP
Treasurer Professor the Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool FRS
Administrative Secretary Cally Oldershaw FGS FGA DGA CGeol EURGeol
Wednesday 28 February A Gospel of Deceit or Truth—is 'Creationism' a threat to the future of Education, Science and Technology?
Professor Ian Plimer (Melbourne University, Australia)
Wednesday 14 February Contribution of British Geology to the Developing World
David Ovadia (British Geological Survey)
Professor Geoffrey Walton (Geoffrey Walton Practice)
Wednesday 17 January Floating voters—Flooding in the UK
Bryan Utteridge and Gary Lane (Environment Agency)
Dr John Carney and Alan Forster (British Geological Survey)