Meetings held in 2000

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Date Meeting
Wednesday 18 December Whisky on the rocks
Dr Stephen Cribb
Wednesday 29 November Losing your constituency—coastal erosion
Richard Leafe (English Nature)
Robin McInnes (Isle of Wight Council)
Dr John Rees (British Geological Survey)
Wednesday 25 October Nuclear waste disposal— in your constituency?
Professor Neil Chapman (NAGRA, Geneva)
David Holmes (British Geological Survey)
Chris Murray (Managing Director, UK Nirex)
Wednesday 14 July The history and politics of African diamonds (including conflict diamonds)
Andy Coxon and Lesley Coldham of De Beers
Wednesday 14 June The political and economic implications of natural disasters
Professor Bill McGuire (Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre, UCL)
Professor Martin Culshaw (British Geological Survey)