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Earthwise Issue 04, Mapping the Lake District volcanoes: Another piece in the jigsaw
Earthwise Magazine article by David Millward
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Earthwise Issue 05, Volcanoes: Nature's biggest polluters
Earthwise Magazine article by Simon Young
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Earthwise Issue 22, Living with an active volcano
Earthwise Magazine article by Gill Norton
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Earthwise Issue 26, A volcano's pulse
Earthwise article by Sue Loughlin and team
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Edinburgh: Born of fire and ice, cradle of modern geology
Geological information poster of the Arthur's seat volcano and surrounding area
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Factsheet Portfolio
Plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and why are there no active volcanoes in Britain? | Factsheet Portfolio
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Montserrat screen saver
Seventeen images from the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat
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Montserrat volcano model
Simplified 3D model of the Montserrat volcano
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Poster 02: Assessing long term volcanic hazards using volcano distribution databases. Case study: Northern Honshu, Japan.
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Sustainability of the Earth's surface environment: a European geoscience perspective
This report, by senior British and European geoscientists, looks at a number of important environmental issues such as soil erosion; the sustainable use of minerals; land-use and population growth; contaminated land; water supply and ground stability and makes the crucial connection between all of them and the geosciences. It also looks at the environmental impacts of natural geological phenomena including volcanoes, earthquakes and glaciation.
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