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Various one off publications and documents

'Friends of BGS' volunteers leaflet
We are looking for volunteers under the 'Friends of BGS' scheme to help us with : transferring details from handwritten and typescript registers onto our image database : description writing - enhancing some of the more basic descriptions and assigning keywords ; sorting new collections as they come in ; scanning photographs into a digital image base.
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BAAS Collection of Geological Photographs
Leaflet describing the British Association for the Advancement of Science Collection of Geological Photographs.
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BGS Icons
A set of icons to represent key geological themes or ideas. The BGS Icons are delivered under the Open Government Licence subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced BGS materials: 'BGS © UKRI'.
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FAQs Measuring biological levels of Arsenic in the population of Cornwall
This study will explore the use of human biomarkers (urine, toenails and hair) to determine how much arsenic (if any) is being taken up by the local population. The study will also include environmental monitoring of household dust, garden soil and rice. Study participants will be interviewed, to gather data for an assessment questionnaire, in an attempt to quantify the importance of a range of potential exposure routes.
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) gas monitoring system for the energy sector
Project flyer explaining the project progress, rationale and the advantages of the system versus current gas monitoring systems together with the system capabilities.
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