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3D Model, derived from Hexacopter photography, showing a Coastal Landslide at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshire.
Cliff retreat at Aldbrough is occurring at approximately 2m per year (East Riding Council). This occurs in several modes of landsliding. These include rotational slumping, toppling failures and minor mudflows, all of which are initiated due to the action of the sea. This 3D model, derived from Hexacopter photography, illustrates one such landslide at Aldbrough.
[Adobe Acrobat PDF 8.78 MB]
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A preview of the London and Thames geological model
The pdf file is a 3D PDF; it will allow you to rotate the model in 3D by dragging the mouse in the pdf window and you can turn on and off the topography map and cross sections in the Model Tree. If the model is not displaying properly, enable double sided rendering using the following instructions: Right click in the 3D window – 3D Preferences – 3D and Multimedia – make sure the Enable double-sided rendering is checked on.
[Adobe Acrobat PDF 3.69 MB]
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Case study: Environment Agency, Holderness, 3D model
This 3D geological model, built by the British Geological Survey, helped the Environment Agency to develop a much better conceptual model of the aquifer between Hull and Flamborough Head, leading to a better informed groundwater management strategy for the area.
[Adobe Acrobat PDF 240 KB]
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