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Minerals information from the British Geological Survey, 14 October 2008, Law Society, London.

Emerging European initiatives in security of minerals supply
Presentation by Slavko Solar, Geological Survey of Slovenia and Patrice Christmann, Secretary General, EuroGeoSurveys, the Association of the European Geological Surveys. EU's DG Enterprise and Industry has been involved in a public consultation on the future of EU non-energy materials policy. This presentation will provide an outline of the content of the communication resulting from the consultation and consider the implications from a EuroGeoSurveys perspective.
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Meeting future global demand for minerals
Presentation by Gus Gunn and Paul Lusty, British Geological Survey. Maintenance of reliable and adequate supplies of minerals is becoming a matter of increasing concern as global consumption escalates, especially in the developing world. This presentation will explore some of the myths and realities concerning the future availability of minerals and the factors that influence their sustainable supply.
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Meeting the mineral commodity challenge: Introduction
Presentation by Andrew Bloodworth, Head of Science, Minerals, British Geological Survey.
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Mineral statistics in BGS - the example of China
Presentation by Teresa Brown, British Geological Survey. The economic growth of China is having an unprecedented effect on world trade in mineral commodities. How much does China produce, what patterns of trade can be observed and how reliable is the data?
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Mineral statistics information from the BGS - what we have and why it matters
Presentation by Linda Hetherington, British Geological Survey. What information does BGS hold on mineral statistics? Why was it important in the past and who is using it now? Monitoring production and trade of mineral commodities is vital for security of supply planning and measuring change in patterns of supply and this presentation will show trends within the EU.
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