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Minerals and the economy

Economic Importance of Minerals to the UK
This report is suitable for a wide non-economist audience. It provides a better understanding of the economic issues associated with the production and use of minerals in the UK and their contribution to sustainable economic development.
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Primary Aggregate Reserves in England 1990-2004
This report presents and analyses information on permitted reserves of primary, land-won aggregates in England, over the period 1990 to 2004. It provides a strategic overview by English region of the extent that permitted reserves of aggregates are being depleted or replenished.
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Role of imports to UK aggregates supply
This report is intended to stimulate awareness of, and debate on, the role that imports from outside the UK (Europe) play in the strategic supply of aggregates to the UK, and England in particular.
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Summary of information on coal for land-use planning purposes
This report brings together data on coal production, trade, consumption and uses, and provides information on licensing and reserves. It also summarises information on opencast coal sites granted and refused planning permissions and coal exploitation by methods other than conventional deep and shallow mining.
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