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COG3: The geology, geometallurgy and geomicrobiology of cobalt resources leading to new product streams (NERC grant NE/M011518/1)
Sample list and experimental conditions. Ilumina Mi Sequencing OTU results for samples from Acoje Nickel Laterite, Philippines and Shevchenko, Ukraine. Illumina Mi Sequencing Results from Ac ...

Critical Element Data Base from Literature Review (NERC grant NE/L002329/1)
Data from NERC grant, Natural Enrichments in E-tech Elements (Cobalt, Gallium, Indium, Tellurium, Lithium, rare earth elements) [NEETE].

Stream sediment geochemistry (500m Grid) dataset
This dataset represents the first publication of complete national maps from the Geochemical Baseline Survey of the Environment (G-BASE) and TellusNI projects, whose aim was to conduct a nat ...