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Atmospheric CO2 and seawater carbonate system reconstructions from Eocene planktonic foraminifera (NERC grant NE/I005595/1)
Seawater carbonate system properties and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reconstructions from Eocene planktonic foraminifera using boron isotope analyses.

Coupled Mg/Ca - D47 isotope data on foraminifera and calibration samples (NERC grant NE/M003752/1)
We used existing coretop samples from several sites from the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans (Fig. 1 and Table S1) to test the relationship between Mg/Ca ratios and D47 values i ...

Neoproterozoic carbonate geochemistry data: Svalbard and Scotland (NERC grant NE/H004963/1)
The stratigraphic scope of the data is 1) the Polarisbreen Group of NE Svalbard (late Tonian to Ediacaran) and 2) top Appin and lower Argyll Groups, western Scotland (late Tonian to Cryogen ...

Ostracod carbonate isotope data, Freshwater Pond, Barbuda (NERC grant NE/K00610X/1)
The dataset contains oxygen and carbon isotope measurements from multiple-shell samples of the ostracod Heterocypris punctata, from Core FP2 taken from Freshwater Pond, Barbuda. A chronology ...