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Aeromagnetic Survey Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Digitised version of Aeromagnetic Survey of Great Britain comprising a record for each digitised point, supported by survey and 'ends and bends' based line indexes.

Airborne Magnetic Survey Records For United Kingdom And Adjacent Areas.
Analogue aeromagnetic surveys of Great Britain for the Geological Survey (GSGB), subsequently digitised. Commercial Analogue survey of North Sea by Aerosurveys Inc, subsequently digitised by ...

Data From Various Aeromagnetic Surveys In Offshore Petroleum Areas.
Over 22000 km of corrected aeromagnetic total intensity data from various surveys in offshore petroleum areas in UK Continental Shelf and overseas collected to assist directional drilling. L ...

Geophysical Surveys In The Middle And Far East
Data from geophysical surveys carried out by the British Geological Survey in many countries in the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Indo-China for different agencies. The surveys ...