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Atmospheric CO2 and seawater carbonate system reconstructions from Eocene planktonic foraminifera (NERC grant NE/I005595/1)
Seawater carbonate system properties and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reconstructions from Eocene planktonic foraminifera using boron isotope analyses.

BGS UK Coal Resource for New Exploitation Technologies (Version 1)
The UK contains extensive resources of coal, both at surface and in the subsurface. It is estimated that onshore these surface and subsurface deposits cover an area of approximately 40,000 k ...

Calcium looping pilot plant experimental data for UKCCSRC Call 2 project C2-209 'UK Demonstration of Enhanced Calcium Looping, and a First Global Demonstration of Advanced Doping Techniques'
The data set encompasses the data generated through the 8 experimental runs on the 25 kWth calcium looping pilot plant at Cranfield University arranged into 8 functional Excel spreadsheets. ...

Evolution of Carbon Cycle Dynamics (eCCD)
The global carbon cycle - how much carbon is stored in its interconnected reservoirs (ocean, atmosphere, plants and soils on land, sediments in the deep sea) as well as the fluxes between th ...

Inherent tracer of captured CO2 presentations
A selection of abstracts and posters presented at international conferences as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1.

Inherent tracers in captured CO2
This Microsoft Excel document contains 8 worksheets providing data produced by research as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1. These data are presented and discussed in the manuscript "The In ...