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Low-frequency, temperature-dependent seismic properties of antigorite (NERC grants NE/K009656/1, NE/M016471/1)
These data contain the shear modulus and attenuation of Vermont antigorite serpentinite in the seismic "low" frequency range, as functions of oscillation period (ranging from 1 to 1000s) and ...

Modelled depth and thermal history for sediments offshore Sumatra (NERC grant NE/P012140/1)
The thermal state of marine sediments controls a range of potential dehydration reactions as sediments are subducted. In thick sediment sections it is possible that reactions that would norm ...

ODP Expedition 375 Hole 1520C Cretaceous Foraminifer Assemblage Count (NERC grant NE/S008853/1)
Excel file containing abundance data of planktonic foraminifer from IODP Expedition 375 Hole 1520C (41R-44R)

QEMSCAN(R) analyses on sediments recovered during the IODP Expeditions 372 and 375, Hikurangi Margin (New Zealand) (NERC grant NE/R016615/1)
The data include: 1. Excell spreadsheets from Sites U1517-C; U1518-f; U1519-C. Each spreadsheet contains detailed mineralogical information aquired with QEMSCANŽ. 2. QEMSCAN-50 and QEMSCA ...