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Geochemical data for deep-sea sediments collected during IODP Exp. 352, Izu-Bonin, NW Pacific (NERC grant NE/M008193/1)
Major, trace element and REE analyses of muds and mudstones from selected intervals from all of the holes. Location of the drill holes are given in the Exp. 352 cruise report (Reagan et al)

Marine Photographs Archive (1970 onwards)
The Marine Photographs Archive held by BGS includes photographs of hydrocarbon well and (non-hydrocarbon) marine boreholes, cores and other samples. There are also photographs of the seabed ...

QICS Data: Effect of a controlled sub-seabed release of CO2 on the biogeochemistry of shallow marine sediments, pore waters, and the overlying water (2012-2013)
The potential for leakage of CO2 from a storage reservoir into the overlying marine sediments and into the water column and the impacts on benthic ecosystems are major challenges The potenti ...