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Inherent tracer of captured CO2 presentations
A selection of abstracts and posters presented at international conferences as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1.

Inherent tracers in captured CO2
This Microsoft Excel document contains 8 worksheets providing data produced by research as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1. These data are presented and discussed in the manuscript "The In ...

Noble gas solubility data for phlogopite (NERC grant NE/J013072/1)
This dataset consists of a spreadsheet of data and a series of photographs. A set of natural phlogopite crystals were exposed to varying partial pressures of a He-Ne-Ar gas mixture at 930-1 ...

Salt Creek Oil Field: Noble Gas Injection and Recovery Gas Compositions (2010) (NERC Grant NE/F002823/2)
3He and 129Xe were introduced into a CO2 stream that was in injected into the Salt Creek oil field, Wyoming. Samples of the injected CO2 and gas recovered from nearby boreholes were collecte ...