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Geochemical data, North China (NERC grant NE/I005862/2)
Table containing Fe speciation data, C isotope data, Total organic carbon contents, and Fe, Al, P, Mn and Sr elemental concentrations.

Neoproterozoic carbonate geochemistry data: Svalbard and Scotland (NERC grant NE/H004963/1)
The stratigraphic scope of the data is 1) the Polarisbreen Group of NE Svalbard (late Tonian to Ediacaran) and 2) top Appin and lower Argyll Groups, western Scotland (late Tonian to Cryogen ...

Re-inventing the planet: The Neoproterozoic revolution in oxygenation, biogeochemistry and biological complexity (NERC grant NE/I005935/1)
The Earth is a truly remarkable planet. In addition to the physical processes driving plate tectonics, climate and ocean-atmospheric exchange, it supports an extraordinary diversity of livin ...