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Alkenone and foraminiferal carbon isotope data from Site 999 (NERC grant NE/H006273/1)
Temperature reconstructions indicate that the Pliocene was ~3 degrees C warmer globally than today, and several recent reconstructions of Pliocene atmospheric CO2 indicate that it was above ...

IODP Site U1445 benthic stable isotope data Plio-Pleistocene (NERC grant NE/N012100/1)
Benthic stable isotope (carbon and oxygen) data from IODP Site U1445. Generated by Yasmin Bokhari-Friberg, supervisied by Kate Littler and Pallavi Anand.

Pliocene Palaeoclimate off Southeastern Africa: Insights from IODP Expedition 361 (NERC grant NE/N020286/1)
The data comprises a multi-proxy dataset of 49 samples spanning approximately the time interval from 1.8-3.9 Ma according to the currently available shipboard age model from offshore the Lim ...