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Coupled Mg/Ca - D47 isotope data on foraminifera and calibration samples (NERC grant NE/M003752/1)
We used existing coretop samples from several sites from the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans (Fig. 1 and Table S1) to test the relationship between Mg/Ca ratios and D47 values i ...

Global warming and the Late Permian mass extinction event (NERC grant NE/F011091/1)
Published paper associated with NERC grant NE/F011091/1. Price, G.D., Twitchett, R.J., Wheeley, J.R., Buono, G. 2013. Isotopic evidence for long term warmth in the Mesozoic. Scientific Repor ...

Neodymium isotope data from IODP Expedition 369 sites (NERC grant NE/R012350/1)
Neodymium (Nd) isotope data measured from fossil fish debris and sediment leaches collected from IODP Sites U1512, U1513, U1514 and U1516.