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Co2SiO4 rheology (NERC Grant NE/L006898/1)
Synchrotron X-radiography (images) and diffraction data collected to measure rheology of olivine and ringwoodite structured Co2SiO4.

Convection in the Shiant Isles Main Sill (NERC grant NE/J021520/1)
Microstructural data for rocks in the Shiant Isles Main Sill, presented as a function of stratigraphic height in the sill. The data were published: Holness et al. (2017) Contributions to Mi ...

Ocean Island Basalt olivine compositions and thin section maps (NERC grant NE/J021539/1)
High precision electron-probe analysis of olivine compositions from a set of ocean island basalts. Accompanied by thin section scans and QEMSCAN (Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals by SCANn ...

U/Pb ratios in olivine-hosted melt inclusions in intraplate (ocean island magmas) setting (NERC grant NE/K008862/1)
A worldwide compilation of 189 analyses of U and Pb concentrations in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from ocean island magmas. These data were used in Delavault et al. (2016, Geology 44, 819 ...