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Experimental melt data (NERC grant NE/J019372/2)
Major and trace element data for partial melts derived from high pressure-temperature experiments on a basaltic starting composition from the Ontong Java Oceanic Plateau.

Major and trace elemental analysis of sulphide samples from the Beebe Vent Field (NERC grant NE/I012613/1)
Major and trace elemental analysis of sulphide samples from the Beebe Vent Field. Geographical area - Beebe Vent Field, Cayman Trough, 18°32.798N,81°43.092W

Map based index (GeoIndex) profile soil
Profile soil analyses are available from a number of BGS programmes, notably the Mineral Reconnaissance Programme (MRP) and the Geochemical Baseline Survey of the Environment (G-BASE) progra ...

Map based index (GeoIndex) rock
This layer of the map based index (GeoIndex) shows the locations of over 12,500 rock samples from the land area of the United Kingdom gathered as part of the Mineral Reconnaissance Programme ...

Pliocene Palaeoclimate off Southeastern Africa: Insights from IODP Expedition 361 (NERC grant NE/N020286/1)
The data comprises a multi-proxy dataset of 49 samples spanning approximately the time interval from 1.8-3.9 Ma according to the currently available shipboard age model from offshore the Lim ...

Whole rock geochemisty data (NERC Grant NE/J0218222/1)
The dataset consists of a spreadsheet containing whole rock geochemistry (Major and trace elements, Hf isotopes) from 7 samples and zircon U-Pb, O, Hf isotope and trace elements compositions ...