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Chemical data for River waters and sequential extractions from river sediments (NERC grant NE/K000705/1)
Paired water and river sediment samples were collected from Vietnam Australia, Cambodia and Nepal. Waters were analysed for major ions, Sr isotopes and Mg isotopes. Sediments were sequenti ...

Magnesium isotope compositions of Solar system materials (NERC grant NE/L007428/1)
The data are magnesium (Mg) isotope composition, i.e. the relative difference of isotope ratios as defined in Coplen (2011, doi: 10.1002/rcm.5129). The reference was DSM-3 (see Galy et al., ...

Mg and Li isotope data on laboratory clay minerals and metadata (NERC grant NE/M001865/1)
Clay minerals (smectites) were synthesised experimentally to determine isotope fractionation factors (Li and Mg). The data are provided here. Interpretation is ongoing.