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Compaction in the Skaergaard Intrusion (NERC grant NE/J021520/1)
Electron backscatter diffraction data for cumulates from the Skaergaard Intrusion of East Greenland.

Numerical calculations of compacting flow past spheres and circular cylinders (NERC grant NE/I023929/1)
This data contains the results of numerical simulations described in the following two papers: Alisic L., Rhebergen S., Rudge J.F., Katz R.F., Wells G.N. Torsion of a cylinder of partially ...

Rheology of three-phase suspensions (NERC grant NE/K500999/1)
The data consists of a spreadsheet containing rheology data for 39 samples of syrup, containing air bubbles and/or spherical glass particles. These data were used by Truby et al. (2014) to s ...

Three-Field block preconditioner 3D test case (NERC grant NE/I026995/1)
This data is described in section 6.4 of the following paper, Three-Field Block Preconditioners for Models of Coupled Magma/Mantle Dynamics by Rhebergen et al DOI:10.1137/14099718X

U/Pb ratios in olivine-hosted melt inclusions in intraplate (ocean island magmas) setting (NERC grant NE/K008862/1)
A worldwide compilation of 189 analyses of U and Pb concentrations in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from ocean island magmas. These data were used in Delavault et al. (2016, Geology 44, 819 ...

XRheo development data (NERC grant NE/M018687/1)
Reconstructed data - This dataset contains the reconstructed image data. Each sub-folder contains a set of 2D slices that together make up a 3D image from that time point. Not all images fro ...