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Critical Element Data Base from Literature Review (NERC grant NE/L002329/1)
Data from NERC grant, Natural Enrichments in E-tech Elements (Cobalt, Gallium, Indium, Tellurium, Lithium, rare earth elements) [NEETE].

Indium mineralisation in SW England: Host parageneses and mineralogical relations NERC grant NE/L001896/1
Publication and associated data from NERC Grant - NE/L001896/1. Published Paper, Andersen J, Stickland RJ, Rollinson GK, Shail RK. (2016) Indium mineralisation in SW England: Host paragenese ...

Solubility of Indium-Tin Oxide in simulated lung and gastric fluids: Pathways for human assimilation NERC grant NE/L001896/1
From being a metal with very limited natural distribution,indium (In) has recently become disseminated throughout the human society. Little is know of how In compounds behave in the natural ...