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Bulk sediment stable isotope data from various deep sea drilling sites, Miocene to Recent (NERC grant NE/N001621/1)
Data derived from NERC Grant NE/N001621/1. Geographical Area - DSDP/ODP/IODP Sites 516, 1138, 925, 242, 1338, 871, 872

Diatom Silica Oxygen Isotope Records from the Late Quaternary Antarctic Margin
Antarctica and its ice sheets have played, and continue to play, a major role in the global ocean-atmosphere system, hence, it is critical that we have a sound understanding of the past beha ...

Evaluation of tropical forests sensitivity to past climate changes (FORSENS) (NERC grant NE/J018562/1)
The dataset is the output of a NERC fellowship aimed to understand the long-term dynamics of tropical vegetation through palaeoecological analysis. For doing this, two sedimentary archives ( ...

pfm9k geomagnetic field models and datafiles (NERC grant NE/I013873/1)
A new family of spherical harmonic geomagnetic field models spanning the past 9000 yr based on magnetic field directions and intensity stored in archaeological artefacts, igneous rocks and s ...