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Accretion of the lower oceanic crust: Reconciling evidence of hydrothermal fluid fluxes with mineral cooling rates from ODP Hole 1256D, IODP Exp335 (NERC grant NE/L000059/1)
Data produced from NERC Grant NE/L000059/1 - IODP Exp 335 report which is open access and includes all the observations and other data generated on the Expedition. http://publications.iodp.o ...

Compaction in the Skaergaard Intrusion (NERC grant NE/J021520/1)
Electron backscatter diffraction data for cumulates from the Skaergaard Intrusion of East Greenland.

Cumulate thermobarometry (NERC grant NE/K014978/1)
In this project we developed a new geobarometer for mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks, which can be used by the scientific community for a wide range of mineralogical and petrological studi ...

Physical Properties of Oceanic lower crustal and upper mantle rocks from Atlantis Massif (NERC grant NE/N012402/1)
Physical properties of four serpentinite and four gabbro samples acquired respectively at the Southern Wall (IODP leg 357) and at the Central Dome (IODP leg 304-305) of the Atlantis Massif h ...