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Fieldslips of R J Rice
Fieldslips (10K) of R J Rice - detailed mapping of the quaternary. Deposits of sheets 155, 156, 169, 170 (parts), mainly Leicester area

Index Data From Field Note Record Sheets.
Index data from field note record sheets. These records are produced by BGS geologists as part of the geological mapping process and are written descriptions of localities, or sections, or r ...

Index to the BGS collection of geologist's field notebooks and section books.
An index to the manuscript notebook collection was set up in the 1990's. The notebooks themselves contain detailed information gathered by BGS geologists (or other recognised geologists) fro ...

The BGS Collection Of Geologist's Field Notebooks, Section Books and Field Record Cards.
Manuscript notebooks, section books and field record cards containing detailed information gathered by the Survey geologists (or other recognised geologists) from various sources as part of ...