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Map based index (GeoIndex) modern and historical recorded earthquakes
This layer of the map based index (GeoIndex) shows the location of earthquakes within the UK. The historical catalogue has been compiled, in general, from macroseismic observations (ie felt ...

UK Earthquake Seismogram Data.
Recordings of earthquakes and other signals (such as quarry blasts, explosions, sonic booms and collapses) made by a network of seismometers and similar sensors across the UK. Recordings sta ...

UK newspaper reports of earthquakes
This is a collection of extracts from British newspapers describing earthquakes, mostly British. It contains original clippings, photocopies, and in a few cases manual transcriptions.

World Seismicity Database
This dataset contains parametric data (epicentre, magnitude, depth, etc) for over one million earthquakes worldwide. The dataset has been compiled gradually over a period of thirty years fro ...