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Index To Onshore Borehole Collection.
Index to borehole material held chiefly as continuous drillcore, bulk samples, unwashed cuttings and processed material from onshore UK.

Map based index (GeoIndex) mineral reconnaissance programme borehole rock samples
This layer of the map based index (GeoIndex) providex an index to 17,500 borehole rock samples (drillcore) from the Mineral Reconnaissance Programme (MRP) and related studies. The UK Governm ...

Nirex Petrological Samples And Records.
As an integral part of the investigations carried out at Sellafield, and to a lesser extent for the Dounreay boreholes, the cores from the boreholes were systematically examined by geologist ...

Nirex Rock Cores And Core Samples From Deep Boreholes.
During the period from 1989 to 1997, Nirex undertook extensive geological investigations at sites near Sellafield, in Cumbria, and Dounreay, in Caithness, to examine whether or not they were ...