4200 – 4100 million years ago

Year five

End of the Hadean Period

End of the Hadean Period

There are no surviving rocks from the end of the Hadean Period.

Almost nothing is known about Earth between the ages of one and five (4500 – 4100 million years ago), but scientists can make some guesses.

The Earth must have existed because:

  1. zircon crystals, which formed on Earth, are known to date from this early phase of its history
  2. the Earth is made of rocks similar to those of meteorites and the Moon, because they were all formed at the same time and in the same way
  3. some Moon rocks and meteorites have radioactive minerals in them. It is possible to tell how old the rocks are by measuring their radioactivity. This in turn tells us how old the rest of the solar system is, including the Earth

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