Using the Timeline

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The BGS Geological Timeline is richly illustrated so the files are quite large (individual files are up to 11Mb in size). As a result online viewing via a broadband connection is recommended. Visitors with slower connections may prefer to download the files. Although download will take some time (about 35Mb in total), once downloaded the Timeline can be viewed offline.

On entering the Timeline, follow the on-screen instructions to navigate through the introductory pages. Once the main part of the Timeline is reached, the numbers on brown-coloured stones become active, linking to information on key 'birthdays' in geological time. Look for navigation buttons to return to the main page. You can also navigate by using the right-hand mouse button (or Ctrl-click on some computers) and selecting 'forward' or 'back' to move a single page, or 'rewind' to return to the main page.

Clicking on 'birthday' number 46 links to a more detailed description of the final 'year' in Earth's history, broken down into 'months', 'days' and 'hours'.

The notes for teachers can be accessed by clicking on the link on the first screen to be viewed, or the link in the menu to the left. The notes are also available in PDF format.

The games and quiz are linked from the final section of the Timeline.

To print your pages, right-click for print options (Ctrl-click on Apple computers with one mouse button). Right-clicking your mouse also provides the option to zoom in and out.