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What will the world of the future look like? This is a difficult question to answer.

As you can imagine, the movements of the continents will cause huge changes in the world's climate. Some parts of the world that shiver close to the Arctic or Antarctic Circles will find themselves near the tropics, and other countries that are now hot and dry will move to colder, wetter parts of the world. This will cause great changes in the plant and animal life. With Antarctica moving to warmer latitudes, its vast ice caps will melt, causing sea levels to rise several tens of metres causing flooding far inland. Land will become sea and areas that are currently beneath the sea will become land.

Mass extinctions are bound to take place. There is one going on at the moment, due mainly to the influence human beings, but in the future they will also be the result of climate change, just as in the past. But will humans become extinct? All species eventually go into extinction and there is no reason to believe that Homo sapiens will be an exception. Homo habilis and Homo erectus existed for about one and a half million years and our species, Homo sapiens, has lived about 120 000 years. If we don't blow ourselves up or use up all of our natural resources and if we learn how to look after our environment, perhaps we have another million years or so until our species finally disappears.

What will take our place?

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The Earth is now 46 years old.