200 million years' time

Towards the future


We have traced our time line to the present day and to our own species, but that is not The End. The life of Earth, together with the evolution of all living things, continues. The past is a key to the future and using computers, geologists have tried to make predictions. They believe that in 200 million years' time (that is just two years more along our timeline):

  • The Mediterranean Sea will almost close as Northern Africa almost crashes into Europe. Spain and Portugal will detach from France, move southwards and become attached to western Africa. Britain will also move south and will be at the same latitude as Spain is today.
  • The Atlantic Ocean will continue to widen, with North and South America moving away from Africa and Europe. It will become a huge ocean, much larger than today's Pacific. It will take up almost half the world's surface (a whole hemisphere).
  • The Pacific Ocean will be much smaller. Australia will move north, almost filling the northern part of the Pacific and almost crashing into Russia and Alaska. Antarctica will also move north and will be in about the same place as Australia is today.
  • The eastern part of Africa will split off and drift towards India.

The future EarthThe future Earth

What will the world of the future look like?

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The Earth is now 46 years old.