1 – 2 million years ago



Australopithecus was a hominid (a group of primates) but not a human being. It lived in Africa and made tools and weapons from stone and bone. It had a small brain, human-like jaws and teeth and walked upright, although with a slight stoop.

Australopithecus evolved about 12 days ago in Earth's life (just over 3 million years in real time). There were several different species, but they finally became extinct about four days ago in Earth's life. (Remember, one 'day' is about 275 000 years in real time.)

The first people1 – 2 million years ago

The first people.

NeanderthalsThe Neanderthals

About 22 hours ago in our timeline (about 200 000 years ago in real time), the first Neanderthal emerged.


The first species that can be called human, Homo habilis, evolved in Africa

The Earth is now 46 years oldBack to 100-0 million years ago

The Earth is now 46 years old.