Ice Age fossils go home for a visit

Subfossil bone fossils including teeth from species of Mammoth, Bear, Horse, Deer and Beaver. The small black boxes contain Gastropods and Bivalves.

Fossils held in the BGS collections for over 130 years are going home on a visit as part of the Ice Age Ilford exhibition, which runs from October 2015 until June 2016.

British Science Week | 11–20 March 2016

The BGS has celebrated British Science Week (formerly National Science and Engineering Week) since it began in 1994.

In 2016, we hosted two events at our Keyworth headquarters:

  • Fossil and Rock Show — aimed at primary schoolchildren
  • Family Fun Day — for everyone interested in fossils, dinosaurs, volcanoes, earthquakes and other kinds of ‘rocky science’

Schools Fossil and Rock Show

The BGS annual Fossil and Rock Show for schools was held in our conference venue at Keyworth between 15–17 March 2016.

The Fossil and Rock Show is aimed at primary schools teaching Key Stage 2 and is particularly suitable for years 5 and 6.


Invitations for the 2017 event will be sent out towards the end of 2016.

Check out the galleries below that show some highlights from previous schools and Fossil and Rock Show events.

Family Fun Day

The BGS celebrated British Science Week with our Family Fun Day on Saturday 19 March 2016 at our conference venue at Keyworth.

The event included displays, demonstrations and talks, with lots to see, plenty of hands-on activities and tours for the whole family.

A number of science organisations normally help us out, along with Rockwatch, the national club for young geologists.

For more information about British Science Week, including other events around the UK, visit the British Science Week website.

More about the BGS Family Fun Day.

British Science Week logo

Fossil & Rock Roadshow photo gallery

BGS Open Day, Keyworth | Saturday 27 June 2015

The BGS hosted an Open Day on Saturday 27 June at its headquarters in Keyworth.

Read more about the 2015 event on our Open Day page or Open Day Blog Post, but don't forget to check out some of the hilarious photobooth pictures.

Our ‘full-scale’ open days are likely to be held every two years, so look out for the next one in summer 2017.

Open Day Photobooth.

Open Days at BGS Edinburgh

'Lego tsunami

2015 Edinburgh Open Day

BGS Edinburgh moved offices in 2016 to the Heriot-Watt University campus on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

As a result, in 2015 we held a 'showcase' event at the Dynamic Earth visitor attraction in central Edinburgh on Sunday 18 October.

Stands included making your own erupting volcano, 'Lego tsunami village', augmented reality sandpit and carbon capture and storage demonstrations.


2014 Edinburgh Open Day

Murchison House, the BGS office in Edinburgh, held its annual Open Day on Saturday 27 September 2014 as part of Edinburgh's Doors Open Days.

The Open Day was packed with earth

science demonstrations, talks, experiments and displays of our work at home and abroad, with lots of hands-on activities.

This year our interactive exhibits included an augmented reality sandbox, making your own earthquake, tsunami safety demonstrations and a 2700-gallon pool where you can pilot an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

What are our open days like? Check out our our 2014 Storify page or 2009 Open Day page

Open archive days

From time to time BGS has held open days to support the National Archives 'Archive Awareness' and 'Explore Your Archives' campaigns.

We last held an open archive day for the public at Keyworth on Saturday 1 December 2012. This event was in support of the national Archive Awareness Campaign 2012. The national theme for AAC was ‘Sports, Games and the Olympics’, where we explored the links between fun, leisure, sporting achievement and the earth sciences.

Read more about the 2012 event.

Our next Archives Awareness Event is likely to be in winter 2016. Keep your eyes on our main events page for further details.


Contact for further information about BGS schools events and open days.