The Royal Society Expedition was led by Dr A G MacGregor, a geologist, and Dr C F Powell, a physicist. In May 1936 Dr T A Jagger of the Hawai'i Volcano Observatory visited Montserrat at the invitation of the Royal Society, and arriving with him, on the same steamer, was Mr F A Perret the distinguished volcanologist from the Mt Pelé Volcano Museum.

Dr Cecil F Powell and Dr Archie G MacGregor on Montserrat

Powell carried out seismological investigations between 24th March and 24th July using four horizontal Jagger shock recorders, one Kew-Jagger vertical shock recorder and one two-component horizontal Wiechert seismograph. MacGregor studied the geology and petrology of Montserrat during 11 weeks of field work carried out between March and May 1936. Both men published preliminary and detailed accounts of their respective studies. Bibliographic details are listed below.

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