Letter of Instructions from the Royal Society

The Royal Society
Burlington House
London, W
19th February 1956

Regent 5865 Enclosure

Dear Sir,

Letter of Instructions

The object of your visit to the island of Montserrat is to make a geological reconnaissance of the island to determine as far as possible the sequence and arrangement of the rocks, and the geological history, with more detailed examination of typical or key sections.

To determine whether there is evidence of recent volcanic activity; whether any of the surface features represent ancient craters or loci of recent eruption. The southern parts of the island with the soufrières should be examined first; then the central mountains and such parts of the distant coast as may seem necessary. You will be met on arrival at Plymouth and you should report to the Commissioner who will give you all facilities, so far as he is able, for carrying out your work during your stay in the island.

Interim Reports - If your work has progressed sufficiently interim reports should be sent to the Secretary of the Montserrat Committee at the Royal Society at the end of each month. If it is possible to insert in such reports material which would be of use to issue to the press, such should be inserted. 2. Press - no information should be passed to anybody in the island or elsewhere in relation to your work, all reports being addressed to the Royal Society.

Expenses - A sum of money has been transferred to the Royal Bank of Canada at Plymouth and a letter authorising you to draw on this account for your living and travelling expenses is attached hereto. It will be necessary for you to hire porters and transport. You are authorised to charge a maximum of £14 for services during the sea voyages, i.e. £7 for outward and homeward passages respectively. You should keep a strict account of all your expenses and divide them into subsistence and travelling expenses.

Return Passage - You will be responsible for making arrangements for booking your return passage at the end of about 3 months, i.e. about the beginning of June, and notification of your date of sailing should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

[signed S Chapman]

Montserrat Committee.

A G MacGregor, Esq.,
Passenger per SS Venezuela,
Cabin 21,
c/o George Hammond & Co.,
3 Strond Street,