Mount Etna

Mount Etna is on the East coast of Sicily and is the largest active volcano in Europe. It has erupted on numerous occasions with the most recent eruption being in 2008.

Photograph of the eruption on the flanks of Mount 1892, giving rise to the Monti Silvestri crater row. Presented by Professor G. Plataniaof Aci Reale, Sicily. [GSM/GX/Pa/1]
Lava, Monti Silvestri, Mount Etna (1892 eruption). Surface exposure [MR 7593]

Lava, top edge of crater on North slopes and c. 1000ft below highest point of Mt Etna, Sicily. Surface exposure [MR22027]
Volcanic ash from Eruption of Etna, 1880 [GSM/GL/Bi/3/1]