Krakatoa (Krakatau)

Krakatoa (or more correctly Krakatau) is in the Sundra Strait between Java and Sumatra. Contrary to the title of the 1969 film it is West of Java not East. The eruption of 1883 was one of the most violent volcanic events in recorded history.

Lithograph “View of Krakatoa during the Earlier Stage of the Eruption from a Photograph taken on Sunday the 27th of May, 1883.” From The Eruption of Krakatoa and subsequent phenomena: report of the Krakatoa Committee of the Royal Society edited by G J Symons, (London: Trubner, 1888) [405G]
Pumice found floating around the ship Norham Castle, 57 miles off Krakatoa, during eruption of August 1883. [MR 12009]

Pumice from the deck of the ship Charles Bal from Krakatoa, Straits of Sundra, Dutch East Indies, August 1883 [MR 17778].

In an interview in The Atlantic Monthly, Captain Watson who was in command of the ship Charles Bal recalled:

"At five the roaring noise continued and was increasing; darkness spread over the sky, and a hail of pumice stone fell on us, of which many pieces were of considerable size and quite warm. We were obliged to cover up the skylights to save the glass, while our feet and heads had to be protected with boots and sou-westers. About six the fall of larger stones ceased, but there continued a steady downpour of a smaller kind, most blinding to the eyes, and covering the deck to a depth of three or four inches very speedily”