Alexander Henry Green M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S.


1832 Born October 10th, Maidstone. Sone of Rev. T.S. Green, classical scholar and Master of Ashley-de-la-Zouche Grammar School. Educated at Ashley Grammar School and at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
1858 6th Wrangler. Elected Fellow of his College.
1861 Appointed Assistant Geologist with the Geological Survey (1867 Geologist). Worked in Midland Counties on Jurassic and Cretaceous, also Carboniferous of Derbyshire and Yorkshire etc.
1874 Retired from Survey. Appointed to Professorship of Geology at Leeds (Yorkshire College). Completed official survey work after appointment.
1876 Published “Manual of Physical Geology” (3rd edition 1883).
1875 Professor of Mathematics at Leeds (in addition to Geology). For several years held Lectureship in Geology at School of Military Engineering at Chatham.
1886 Elected F.R.S.
1888 Appointed Professor of Geology at Oxford (successor to Prestwich).
1890 President Geological Section, British Association, Leeds.
Examiner to London University, Science and Art Department (Asst), Durham University, Home and Indian Civil Service.
1896 Died August 19th near Oxford


1864 Memoir: "Banbury" (1864)
1866 Memoir: "Stockport" (1866) with E. Hull.
1879 Tadcaster" (1879) with Aveline, Dakyns, C. Ward, Russell.
1871 Memoir: "Dewsbury" (1871) with Dakyns, C. Ward, Russell.
1878 Memoir: "Barnsley" (1878)
1879 Memoir: "Wakefield" (1879)
1869 Memoir: "North Derbyshire (1869) Le Neve Foster and Dakyns
1887 Memoir: "North Derbyshire" 2nd edition (1887) with Strahan.
1878 Memoir: "Yorkshire Coalfield" (1878) with Russell, Dakyns.
1869 Memoir, part of Yorkshire Coalfield" *1869) with Dakyns and C. Ward.
Carboniferous rocks of North of England".
Sub-aerial denudation".
Geology of Donegal".
Geology of Malvern Hills".
Essays upon Scientific Subjects.
Birth and Growth of Worlds.
Manual of Physical Geology.

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