Thomas Oldham


1816 Born in Dublin.
Educated at private school in Dublin and Trinity College. Took B.A. degree.
1837 – 1838 Studied engineering at Edinburgh, and geology and mineralogy under Jamieson.
1839 Returned to Ireland, became Geological Assistant to General Portlock R.E. (Geology Department, Ordnance Survey of Ireland) and assisted in survey of Derry and Tyrone. (Report 1843).
Became Curator and Assistant Secretary to Geological Society, Dublin, also Assistant Secretary to Institute of Civil Engineers of Ireland.
1844 Appointed Assistant Professor of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin, under Professor J. MacNeill.
1845 Succeeded Professor Phillips to Chair of Geology at Dublin.
1846 Lecturer to Geological Society Dublin. Local Director of Survey for Ireland.
1848 President Geological Society Dublin. Elected F.R.S.
1844 – 1849 12 papers to British Association and Dublin Geological Society Journal, all on Irish geology and palaeontology.
1849 Discovery of Oldhamia in Cambrian rocks of Wicklow Hills (named by E. Forbes).
1850 Resigned from Survey.
1851 Appointed Director of Geological Survey of India.
1857 Elected Member Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal (4 times President).
1862 – 1864 Memoir with J. Morris “Fossil Flora of Rajmahal Series”.
1863 Paper to Geological Society of London “On occurrence of rocks of Upper Cretaceous age in Eastern Bengal”.
1867 Report to Secretary of State for India : “On the coal resources of India”.
16 memoirs on Coalfields of India.
Presented report on geology of India at British Association in Dundee.
1875 Gold Medal Royal Society. Also Gold Medal from Emperor of Austria. Member of following societies: “Imperial Academy “Isis” Society of Dresden”; Imperial Society of Nationalists, Moscow”; Royal Geological Society, Cornwall”; Geological Society of Edinburgh; Zoological Society, London.
1876 Retired.
1878 Died July 17th.

Biographies and Obituaries

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