John Percy


1817 Born March 23rd at Nottingham.
Entered Medical School of Edinburgh University, took M.D. at 21, then studied in Paris.
Became Physician to Queen’s Hospital at Birmingham.
Took up metallurgy.
1847 Elected F.R.S.
1851 Appointed to Chair in Royal School of Mines.
Analysed series of British iron ores collected by H.S. Bakewell and shown at first International Exhibition – afterwards presented to Jermyn Street Museum.
1861 1st volume of “Metallurgy” published.
1864 Results of analyses of iron ores published in treatise on iron and steel. Improved metallurgical processes and discovered alloy of Cu and Al. Served on various Royal Commissions and committees of enquiry.
Awarded Millar Prize of Institution of Civil Engineers.
1877 Received Bessemer Medal from Iron and Steel Institute.
1879 Resigned Chair at Royal School of Mines, continued as Lecturer on Metallurgy at Woolwich.
1880 Retired.
1885 President of the Iron and Steel Institute.
1889 Awarded Albert Medal of Society of Arts.
1889 Died June 19th.

Biographies and Obituaries

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