Illuminated addresses

The illuminated address presented to Sir Edward Battersby Bailey

Edward Battersby Bailey

'Another Edinburgh Office tradition over the first half of the 20th Century was the production of very elaborate and beautiful 'Illuminated Adresses' for retiring or leaving officers. These artistic tours de force, illustrating the facets of the officers career, must have taken many hours of time of the talented draughtsmen who prepared them.'

"with the advent of 'costing' in the 1960's their production ceased."....... (H E Wilson)

Archibald Gordon MacGregor

The illuminated address for Archibald Gordon MacGregor

Dr. Murray Macgregor

The illuminated address presented to Dr. Murray Macgregor, Assistant Director, H.M. Geological Survey, Scotland 1909-1945, 'after thirty-six years devoted service to science and industry'.