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Archival sources

British Geological Survey Library, Keyworth, Nottingham

GSM1/68 (now reclassified as GSM/DR/Bc/A/1): Extracts from Ordnance Survey letter books, Mar 1830 to Feb 1833, and May 1835 to Oct 1841: photocopy of typewritten transcript held at National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. (This transcript was made by North, F J, Keeper of Geology at the NMW, from original letter books later destroyed during the air raids on Southampton in 1940. The letter book for Mar 1833 to Apr 1834 is believed to have been destroyed in 1841 in a fire at the Tower of London, where the Ordnance Map Office was then located).

GSM 1/85 (now reclassified as GSM/DC/S/3): Indexes to colours and signs employed on Geological Survey and other maps.

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National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

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Geological Society of London

Sketchbooks by John MacCulloch (no date attributed): LDGSL 1091, vol 2.

This article is published with the permission of the Executive Director of the British Geological Survey

David G. Bate
NERC British Geological Survey
Keyworth NG12 5GG

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