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Dictionary table that holds the code (e.g. IBSDSS) and description (e.g. interbedded sandstones and siltstones with mudstone lenses in the sandstone) of the composite. Part of version 3 of the BGS Rock Classification Scheme.

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 COMPOSITE_CODE Varchar(6) Primary key
2 DESCRIPTION Varchar(500)  
3 TRANSLATION Varchar(500)  
4 STATUS Char(1)  

Sample data (rows 1 to 20 of 545)

TDTTB  TRACHYDACITIC TUFF AND TRACHYDACITIC TUFF-BRECCIA  Trachydacitic tuff and trachydacitic tuff-breccia  07-APR-06  15-MAY-06 
CSLFD  CLAYSTONE, SILTSTONE AND FERRUGINOUS DOLOSTONE  Claystone, siltstone and ferruginous dolostone  05-APR-06  15-MAY-06 
SPPS  SEMIPELITE AND PSAMMITE  Semipelite and psammite  02-MAR-06  15-MAY-06 
PSSP  PSAMMITE AND SEMIPELITE  Psammite and semipelite  02-MAR-06  15-MAY-06 
SPSQ  SEMIPELITE, PSAMMITE AND QUARTZITE  Semipelite, psammite and quartzite  02-MAR-06  15-MAY-06 
PSCS  PSAMMITE AND CALCAREOUS SEMIPELITE  Psammite and calcareous semipelite  02-MAR-06  15-MAY-06 
ABAN  ANDESITE AND BASALTIC ANDESITE  Andesite and basaltic andesite  03-FEB-04  15-MAY-06 
ADOS  ARGILLACEOUS ROCK, DOLOSTONE AND SANDSTONE  Argillaceous rock, dolostone and sandstone  03-FEB-04  15-MAY-06 
AGTT  AGGLOMERATE AND TUFFITE  Agglomerate and tuffite  03-FEB-04  15-MAY-06 
ARBR  ARGILLACEOUS ROCKS AND [SUBEQUAL/SUBORDINATE] BRECCIA, INTERBEDDED  Argillaceous rocks and [subequal/subordinate] breccia, interbedded  03-FEB-04  15-MAY-06 
ARSD  ARGILLACEOUS ROCKS AND [SUBEQUAL/SUBORDINATE] SANDSTONE, INTERBEDDED  Argillaceous rocks and [subequal/subordinate] sandstone, interbedded  29-NOV-04  15-MAY-06 
AMHS  AMPHIBOLITE AND HORNBLENDE SCHIST  Amphibolite and hornblende schist  29-NOV-04  15-MAY-06 
BADO  BASALT AND DOLERITE  Basalt and dolerite  29-NOV-04  15-MAY-06 
BCSC  BRECCIA, CONGLOMERATE, SANDSTONE AND CORNSTONE  Breccia, conglomerate, sandstone and cornstone  29-NOV-04  15-MAY-06 
BCSU  BLOCKS, CLAST-SUPPORTED [UNDIFFERENTIATED]  Blocks, clast-supported [undifferentiated]  29-NOV-04  15-MAY-06 
CLSI  CLAY AND SILT  Clay and silt  02-DEC-04  15-MAY-06 
COSS  CONGLOMERATE, SANDSTONE AND SILTSTONE  Conglomerate, sandstone and siltstone  02-DEC-04  15-MAY-06 
CPGB  CONGLOMERATE, PEBBLY SANDSTONE, GRITTY SANDSTONE AND BRECCIA  Conglomerate, pebbly sandstone, gritty sandstone and breccia  02-DEC-04  15-MAY-06 
CSSM  CONGLOMERATE, SANDSTONE, SILTSTONE AND MUDSTONE  Conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone and mudstone  02-DEC-04  15-MAY-06 
DGSS  DIAMICTON, GRAVEL, SAND AND SILT  Diamicton, gravel, sand and silt  02-DEC-04  15-MAY-06