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Title Bulletin of the Imperial Institute, volume 35, part 2
Ref no RD35_2
Year of publication 1937
Abstract Contents: Geology and mines of the Gwanda gold belt, Southern Rhodesia. The diamond deposits of Sierra Leone Canadian bentonite. The Gach-i-Qaraghuli oilfield, southern Iran Oil prospecting in Uganda. The search for oil in the United Kingdom Mineral production of Sierra Leone (1936). South African 'wonderstone' (metamorphosed clay used as a building material). Newfoundland marble Wolframite and scheelite in Southern Rhodesia Nyasaland ilmenite. The copper industry of Northern Rhodesia. The mineral resources of Hyderabad Coal in the Transvaal Mud fluids for petroleum drilling. The production of columbite in Nigeria Barium aluminium silicates as refractory materials Trials on Scottish cannels Iceland spar in South Africa. The Imperial Institute's services to South Africa Tantalite deposits of south-western Uganda Gold recovery by dry-blowing in Tanganyika Important discovery of stanniferous ironstone in Johore South African emeralds Radium in Canada. The sources, production and uses of selenium and tellurium.
Publisher HMSO [for Imperial Institute]
Place of publication London
Series Bulletin of the Imperial Institute
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