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Title Bulletin of the Imperial Institute, volume 46, part 3
Ref no RD46_3
Year of publication 1948
Abstract Contents: Origin of the charnockite series. Geological work in Uganda (1948). Geological work in Nigeria (1947). Water resources of Bechuanaland Protectorate .Canadian occurrence of strontium minerals. Pitchblende at Theano Point, Ontario. Lead discovery in Greenland. Analyses of rocks from the Osi granite area, Southern Nigeria. Guano and phosphatic material from Ascension Island. Aluminous lateritic soil of Haiti. Co-ordination of mineral statistics Geological work in Tanganyika (1947). Report on the antibiotic properties of certain soils in British Guiana. Vermiculite deposits in Kenya. Amblygonite and associated minerals from the Mbale Mine, Uganda. War-time manufacture of abrasives in Tanganyika Territory. The geology and mineral resources of Ceylon. Wolfram production in Uganda. Coal resources of Canada. Vanadium in iron ores consumed by the British iron and steel industry. The geology and mineral resources of Palestine. Silica samples (for glass) from North Borneo.
Publisher HMSO [for Imperial Institute]
Place of publication London
Series Bulletin of the Imperial Institute
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